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Self Care for your Spirit.


Astrology is a language. It's ancient and wise and often has hidden messages waiting to be discovered. We can apply astrology to many life events; personal and emotional,

and collectively. 

It is with great pleasure that I am now available to offer 60 minute birth chart readings to my clients. You can book in only a reading or add it to a Reiki Session. Reiki and Astrology are incredibly complimentary and is a wonderful way to deepen your connection to your highest self, your spirit. 

Spirit communicates to us in a plethora of ways, and sometimes it can be so cryptic is feels overwhelming. As I continue my studies with Virginia Rosenberg, this offering will be available for $60.00 for a one hour session. Join me in exploring what your one of a kind 'snapshot of the sky' 

has to say and apply it to your existing life and watch your awareness bloom!

Reiki and Soul


Your Birth Day is your unique day. It's the day you were born. 
Your birth chart is a 'snapshot of the sky' the moment you came earth side.

This session can help you understand what it means to have different planets in different zodiac signs, what you may be here to learn and to discover. There are many layers to astrology and this one on one reading can help you lean into parts of yourself waiting to be lived. 

This session includes a copy of your birth chart and notable points of interest I believe are worth knowing and understanding. 


This session is a deep dive into who you are and how to potentially heal and dislodge any blockages that are hindering your potential.

This 120 minute session includes an in depth explanation of your birth chart followed by a Reiki Session designed around your chart, to help you tap into parts of yourself that need to be acknowledged or called in.

This can be a deeply personal and healing experience incredibly unique to you and your chart.

This session includes a copy of your birth chart, notable points of interest and a reading of your reiki session included in a follow up email.

I recently had my first Reiki session with Christina. 
Being a little unsure of what to expect Christina’s calm and insightful nature quickly put me at ease. 
Her intuitive gift combined with her skill and knowledge allowed me to have a transformative experience. 
Reiki with Christina is now part of my wellness journey!

Louise P.

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