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The Dream Package


Experience everything Reiki & Soul has to offer!

This package includes:

* 3 In-Person Reiki Healing Sessions

* 1 Distance Reiki Session

* 1 Large Jar of Custom Reiki Infused Bath Salts

(enough for 3 or 4 luxurious baths) 

* 1 Dream or Birth Chart Reading 

* 2 Moon Workshops (one moon cycle)

This is the dream package and what I envision each of my clients experiencing!

Really lean into your healing and awareness around your subtle energy and vibrational needs. This package is ideal for someone who is wanting to feel a difference in their life in a short amount of time.  Or this package is for someone who is in need of an energetic recalibration to really readjust their mindset, emotions and auric fields in a safe and loving way. 

Feel the difference with Reiki and Soul.

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The Dream Reiki & Soul Package: News

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