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Who I Am & What I Do

My name is Christina Ganong.

 I grew up in the forested hills of the Pacific North West in Vancouver, BC. 


I have always been sensitive to my surroundings, my emotions, and the feelings of others.

My spiritual journey started when I was a young girl at the age of five. I was deeply in tune with animals, with nature and my intuition from my earliest memories. I spent the majority of my childhood outside, exploring my surroundings from an intuitive gaze, guided by my third eye. I was always looking for adventure and following my gut instincts on where to go and what to do.  As I grew older, that perspective became stifled for some time. My natural born gift of claircognizance wasn't understood by my caregivers. If anything, it was ignored.

So my gift wasn't nurtured as it didn't align with their vision for my future.


I later learned that this significant life lesson taught me the resilience I needed to be able to transmute energies. It also taught me the discernment required to understand which emotions I was feeling. As an empath, learning the difference between mine and others' emotions took several decades of practical experience to decipher. Learning life the hard way has been a big part of my journey, and that has gifted me the compassion needed to hold space for my clients, as they journey through their own uniques experiences. I have also learned that my upbringing gave me context to pull from. And what I mean by this, is that having a childhood where my natural talents weren't always made a priority, meant I was living life through a whole whack of other coping skills and dealing with tougher emotions of rejection and denial. 

As I have been on my own healing journey for about a decade now, integrating these life experiences has mended parts of my soul. These parts of my soul needed to be dormant for most of my life. When my level of emotional resilience was high enough to tolerate the degree of drive it takes to be able to pave the way for this intuitive path that I now walk proudly.


From my young teenage years and into my twenties, I followed the beat of my own drum. However, my deep wounds from my childhood often took the wheel and I wasn't really in control of my life. I indulged in many choices that felt amazing in the moment but weren't investing in my highest self's path. None the less, these experiences were exactly the path I needed to walk in order to have hindsight and perspective that I have now. These experiences have sculpted the life I live presently. I don't believe in regrets, more so in growing through a lot of painful development.   

When I turned 30, I hit a metaphorical and physical wall. Due to a severe sports injury, I was forced to look at myself in a more meaningful way to truly decide what path I wanted to walk for the rest of my life. Within this journey, I have had many highs and lows. I have faced hardship, emotional traumas, relationship struggles, loss, the death of my best friend, grief, heartbreak, job losses, career changes, marriage, joy, love, and child birth.

I have returned to my roots and now integrate my inner child into my daily adult practices. That five year old sensitive clairvoyant little girl now steers the wheel in my passion and creative outlets. This is because of shadow work and deep wound healing I have faced.

I have done, am currently doing, and choosing the inner work and the work evolves every day.

Like an onion, there are many layers to myself that have peeled away and continue to teach me many lessons. 

My passions for connection and learning about the stickier parts of myself allow me to help others do the same. My calling is to do more of that. To way-show the path back to yourself.

As well, I nurture my connection to the natural world through my creative gifts for writing and photography. My passion for writing has taught me to speak up for myself and what a gift it is to be authentic in your own truth. 

This journey I am on has inspired me to tap into my intuitive gifts. The message I have received is one of guidance and space holding for like-minded women in my community. I have been participating in Women’s Circles for five years, and have been facilitating my own Inner Work Gathering online and in person.

I love to learn about what makes you tick, what makes your heart sing, and what your true calling in life may be.


Perhaps underneath it all, you have a voice trying to speak to you. But maybe that voice is blocked or not loud enough for you to hear.

That’s where I can come in to hold space for you, so you can get to know yourself on a deeper level. The version of yourself that has been waiting to be born. Or perhaps, you already know who you are but you have endured trauma or disappointment that is hindering your journey forward. 

I deeply believe that the moon's natural cycle, in alignment with our own natural cycle, opens more aligned doors for our highest good than we were ever taught in school. Let me be a way-shower for your journey to deeper connection with ourselves, each other and our moon.  

No matter where you are in your journey, whether are just starting out or a seasoned student of Shadow Work, I am here to guide you and hold space for you as we come together to tend to our spirit that’s yearning to acknowledged and loved. 

I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Astrologer. I am proud to provide Reiki, Astrology, Shadow Work and Inner Work guided offerings to the community of Squamish BC. 

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