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Reiki and Astrology

An in-person Reiki session where you learn more about your birth chart. Duration - 120 minutes

  • 2 hours
  • 200 Canadian dollars
  • Home Studio - Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish

What does this session offer?

I am a Reiki Master Certified Practitioner and I am proud to provide Reiki, Astrology, Shadow Work and Women’s Group offerings to the community of Squamish BC. Reiki paired with your unique birth chart is a fantastic way to get to know yourself on a deep and fulfilling level. This session is a deep dive into who you are and how to potentially heal and dislodge any energy blockages that are hindering your potential. This 120 minute session includes an in-depth explanation of your birth chart followed by a Reiki Session designed around your chart, to help you tap into parts of yourself that are yearning to be acknowledged and called in. This can be a deeply personal and healing experience incredibly unique to you and your chart. This session includes a copy of your birth chart, notable points of interest and a reading of your reiki session included in a follow up email. Your birth chart is a map of your potential, that you can apply to your daily life to make subtle changes to your day to day that can have significant impact on your perspective on life. It's a snap shot of the sky the moment you were born. Christina has been studying astrology for 10 years and is recently a certified Astrologer from the Sky Scholar Cohort of 2023, with Virginia Rosenberg. It's a wonderful way to understand your soul and purpose, where you are going and what struggles may be showing up in your life. We can take this information into your reiki session to really move energy with specific intention. In this session, you will be provided Reiki with gemstone frequency, paired with an intuitive reading of your auric and energetic health. This incredibly healing practice serves to tap into and cleanse your emotional, energetic and auric fields. This also includes what stones she used in your session and any other useful information to take home with you to help integrate the Reiki into your daily routine. My offerings are intended to assist in guiding you back to your authentic self, at a pace that you set. I am here to facilitate the sustainable addition of these pieces into your self-care regime. This is the appointment to book if you are looking for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of how to work with the reiki and your personal unique birth chart, to assist you on your journey to getting to know yourself deeper on a more energetic level. It is recommended to book a minimum of 2 to 3 follow up reiki sessions (in one calendar year), to fully integrate.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify Christina if you can no longer make it. You can text her at 7789970669 or via email at

Contact Details

  • 3210 Mamquam Road, Squamish, BC, Canada


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