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Womb Love Reiki Infused Bath Salts
  • Womb Love Reiki Infused Bath Salts

    Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or moving through your monthly cylce, this lucious soak is intended to create a loving space to give your sacred womb space some healing care.


    If you are on the first day of your cycle and need to slow down and allow your body to purge and expell, this salt will support you in helping you relax cramps and and any tension you may be holding in your lower abdomen.


    If you are new to your period or have recently come off of any chemical birth control and are wanting to sync up and realign back into your natural rythym, then this soak will support that too.

    Are you wanting to invite in a future pregnancy?

    This bath salt can assist in supporting the energetic foundation to align with divine timing that spirit babies choose. It can help you get in tune with your cycle and creates a practice around your monthly ritual so you can deepen your connection with your body and its natural rhythm.


    Are you pregnant and needing time to connect with your body and growing baby? Take this bath with a loving intention to your little one.


    Maybe you are postpartum and moving through the throws of your new to you body and reconnecting to your montly cycle.


    Postpartum is a whole other level when it comes to having a child. The 4th trimester is a wonderfully beautifual time but it can also be a very challenging time both spiritually, physically and emotionally. Reiki is a wonderful modality to add to your postpartum care for both mother and baby as if the mother feels better, she can better support her new family and littlest treasure. This luxurious bath salt will ease pain, sore muscles and energetic blockages picked up from your pregnancy and the birthing experience.

    If you are still healing emotionally from your birth and birthing experience, this batch may assist you on your healing journey.



    Each ingredient chosen for this batch is hand selected and infused with personal Reiki energy with an overall feeling of release specifically for the female body.


    Give the gift of some well deserved self care with these curated salts, for yourself or for a woman that you know and love.


    I take the time to build each batch from scratch and infuse each jar with Reiki Healing Energy specifically for the womb and vibrational healing needs.

    • Ingredients:

      Handmade with love, ritual and intention under this current Astrology Season in Squamish, BC.


      Epsom and Organic Pink Himalyan Salts

      Organic Frankinsence Essential Oil

      Organic Ginger, Raspberry and Peppermint leaves

      Infused with Gemstone Vibrational Healing

      Attuned to a healing and loving Hz vibration

      Infused with Reiki Master Usui Holy Fire Energy 


      Made under a waning moon.

      Infused with Reiki Master Holy Fire Energy by Reiki and Soul

    • Enough for 1 Bath

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