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Expansive Intentions - Reiki Infused Bath Salts
  • Expansive Intentions - Reiki Infused Bath Salts

    Sink into a healing with intention bath.

    Welcome in a new wave of loving, supportive energy. This bath salt is infused with hope, expansion, visionary and optimism.


    This salt comes with a 'How to Create your Expereince' card.

    This card desrcibes how to prepare your surroundings. It includes guided prompts on how to create your intention authenitcally and a link to a curated playlist of soothing and mood inducing music by Reiki and Soul.


    It's the whole package!



    Reiki & Soul personally curates and creates custom handmade organic, locally sourced bath salts for your energetic needs.


    These small batch handmade salts will help cleanse and settle your auric field and emotional body promoting a deep and restorative sleep.


    Handmade. Organic. Locally sourced.

    Squamish BC

    • Ingredients:

      Handmade with love, ritual and intention under this current Astrology Season in Squamish, BC.


      Epsom Salts

      Organic Pink Himalayan Salts

      Organic Lavender Essential Oil

      Sandwool Essential oil

      Hand picked, chemical free, locally sourced Rose Petals

      Attuned to a healing and loving Hz vibration

      Infused with Gemstone Vibration Healing

      Infused with Reiki Master Holy Fire Energy 


      Made under a waxing moon.

    • Quantity:

      small: 1 bath

      medium: 1 - 2 baths

      large: up to 6 baths

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