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Personalized Reiki Infused Bath Salts
  • Personalized Reiki Infused Bath Salts

    Reiki is a wonderful and personal experience. When I make my organic bath salts with local ingredients, I infused them with reiki, inteneded to bring healing and balance to your luxurious bath. 


    With a personalized order, you can choose from a menu of essential oils, epsom and Himilayan salts, dried flowers and other unique ingredients to create your own dream bath salt including your choice of gemstones and healing Hz vibrations.


    With each order, I take the time to build your order from scratch and infuse them with Reiki Master Healing specifically for you and your vibrational needs.


    If you are on a deeply personal healing journey then Reiki & Soul's Reiki Infused Bath Salt is one to try. Each ingredient chosen for your custom batch is hand selected and infused with Reiki just for you. 

    If you're wanting to release a relationship pattern with someone else or within yourself; surrendering to your truth will be promoted within this experience. 

    Practice some well deserved self care with these curated salts.


    This luxurious bath salt will elevate your intention setting to the next level, placing you back into your desired dimension.


    This comes in 2 sizes - Medium and Large.

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