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In Person Reiki Session - 90 MINUTES

Emotional, energetic and auric health matter. Often overlooked, bringing these to the forefront of your awareness are integral to a self-care practice. 


We often carry heavy energy blockages, similar to aches and pains. Sometimes inherited, sometimes taught, sometimes as an outgrown coping mechanism. 

This 90  minute session includes a brief conversation of what your needs are and how I can help direct the healing energy to those places within you. It includes a guided mediation with calm music tuned to a healing frequency hertz to help you integrate the reiki energy.


All in-person reiki sessions are held on a comfortable massage table. Your comfort is my priority.


This session includes an in depth conversation of your experience of how your energy body speaks to me during the session. I follow up with an in depth email within a few days after your appointment.

I look forward to meeting you!


In Person Reiki Session - 75 MINUTES: Services

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