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Restorative Wellness Reiki Events

A customized group Reiki session catered to your event for your wellness needs.

  • 2 hours
  • Prices start at $250
  • Online Meet Up Via Zoom|Client's Home|Squamish

What does this session offer?

A customized session of self care brought to you by Christina with Reiki and Soul. This wonderfully relaxing group Reiki Session is designed hold space for your event or gathering. What to expect: 🌕Group Reiki session with a customizable personal reiki treatment to integrate your intention into healing 🌕 a somatic and energy/emotional release exercise 🌕 journaling prompts designed to guide you to release expired energy 🌕 deeper inner connection 🌕 explanation of how to navigate the current astrological waves  🌕 how to tap into your intuition  🌕 somatic practices and awareness techniques 🌕cozy and comfortable environment to invite in relaxation and calm Reiki and Soul represents the core values of spending time on wellness, making meaningful connections, and the practice of mindfulness. Time is our most valuable resource. The time is now to put your spiritual well-being at the forefront of your mindfulness practice. Reach out to Christina to explore how to integrate Reiki into your wellness inspired gatherings and events.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify Christina asap if your event schedule changes or if you need her to adapt. Please call or text 7789970669 or via email at

Contact Details

  • Squamish, BC, Canada


  • Squamish, BC, Canada


  • Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish, BC, Canada


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