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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

New Moon Zodiac Workshop

A virtual space to synchronize with the New Moon on a monthly bases.

  • 20 Canadian dollars
  • Online Meet Up Via Zoom

What does this session offer?

This workshop occurs on the corresponding day of the New Moon. If you're looking to create a new routine with your inner self and to have this new routine rooted in your practice for 2024, then this virtual space is for you. Our moon is powerful enough to change the ocean tides, effect our moods, charge gemstones and much much more. Humans are intrinsically designed to flow with nature. The moon is a staple that nature leans on to synchronize with. I have been writing my personal schedule in flow with the moon for the past several years. I have noticed my anxiety has lessened the more aware I am of the phase of the moon. I anticipate energy this way much easier. I have learned to create accordingly and to rest accordingly as the moon suggests. Follow me as I guide you through this awareness to the moon and how aligning to her phases can assist your awareness too. New moons are about intention setting for the month and year ahead. Its great practice to flow with nature the way its intended; the way flowers bloom, the way seasonal produce grows, and the way ocean coral only mates under a full moon. Its magical and so are you. This is a monthly offering falling on the same day as the new moon. Consistency is key. Showing up for yourself every month like the new moon shows up for us can be a life altering experience. You begin to build self trust. And as you build on the self trust, change occurs. Come for one, come for them all. Within this 90 minute online tutorial, you will also learn how to navigate the current astrology and zodiac. Understanding what it means to be in each sign and how to anticipate how that directly affects your own zodiac chart. The astrological signs impact us in unique ways, and understanding how this can play out in your day to day life can be exactly the insight you need to take the next step or know when to 'sit this one out'. See you at the workshop!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Please notify Christina if you can no longer make it. You can text her at 7789970669 or via email at

Contact Details

  • Squamish, BC, Canada

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