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The Recovery Bath
  • The Recovery Bath

    This is for the athlete or the burnt out spirit. 


    Have you been under the weather? This bath can help you recover from illness as well as a big work out or day in the backcountry.


    This detoxifying moon bath can help you replenish your vitals. 


    Know someone who trains hard and recovers harder? This relaxing salt is going to ease tired, achey muscles and soothe any tension away.


    Feeling the heavyness, overwhelm and in a state of freeze or lack of inspiration? If you have been hard at work and feeling the burnout creeping in, this bath will replenish your energy levels and promote a deep and nourishing sleep.


    Made with healing Reiki Master energy, organic essential Euculyptus oil, a blend of detoxifying tea leaves and herbs, epsom salt and organic pink himilayan salts.


    Made under a Waning Moon: Time for Release


    As the moon progresses toward fullness, look honestly at your goals and the realistic daily steps you can take to achieve them. This is a magnetic time for transformation, new ideas, building energy, nurturing dreams, overcoming hurdles, and potential breakthroughs. 


    This detox inspired bath can romove any energetic blockages that are hindering your success at creating your desired intentions. Time to release what is no longer serving you, whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual. Make conscious space for growth and new beginnings. 


    This bath salt is excellent for stiff and tired, achey muscles. 


    This bath can be made with WITH only Eucalyptus ESSENTIAL OIL and salts


    with the DETOX AROMATIC BLEND added


    You can choose to have No flowers in this bath FYI *while quantites last


    Hand made in Squamish, BC.

    • Ingredients:

      Handmade with love, ritual and intention under this current Astrology Season in Squamish, BC.


      Epsom Salts

      Organic Pink Himilayan Salts

      Pure 100% Magnesium Flakes

      Euculyptus Essential Oil

      Reiki Master Holy Fire Infused

      Infused with gemstone frequency.


      *No flowers and herbs in this option

      Made under a Waxing Moon.

    • Quantity:

      medium: 1 bath

      large: up to 6 baths

    • With the Herbs and Flowers added:

      organic rooibos, honeybush, lemon myrtle, lemon peel, juniper, ginger, licorice root, anise, lemongrass, marigold, stevia, birch leaves and willow bark

      this is ADDED in with the above listed ingredients.

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