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Fairmont Chateau Whistler Edition
  • Fairmont Chateau Whistler Edition

    Customized Reiki Infused Bath Salts for the Reiki Wellness Retreat.


    Call in your dreams, remember your dreams, create your dream environment.


    Have a healing bath to continue to integrate your Reiki Experience from the retreat. This batch has been created specifically for each of the participants with care and intention.


    This fragrant bath salt has been dubbed the 'Birthday Cake Bath' due to it's delicously sweet scent. Come out of this bath with your skin feeling soft and smelling sweet.


    In addition to the wonderful scents this bath will create, it also deeply connects you to your minds eye/third eye with the aid of Frankencense. This essential oil will assist you in remembering and calling upon your most vivid and wildest dreams.

    Use this Reiki Infused Bath Salt to attract in your dreams or to wake up with a knowing/remembering of your night's restful state. 


    If daydreaming is your jam, then draw yourself an afternoon bath and allow your spirit to meditate into this lucious soak to let your beautiful mind wander to your outermost expnaded space.


    Call back in your intention you set at the Reiki Wellness Retreat, and find yourself shifting into the calm space we co-created at the event. 


    Reiki & Soul personally curates and creates custom handmade organic, locally sourced bath salts for your energetic needs.


    This small batch of handmade salts, will help cleanse and settle your auric field and emotional body, promoting a deep and restorative sleep.


    Handmade. Organic. Locally sourced.

    Squamish BC


    For Optimal Experience; Listen to this PLAYLIST during your bath.

    *Created by Christina Ganong with Reiki and Soul.

    • Ingredients:

      Epsom Salt

      Organic Pink Himalayan Salt

      Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

      Rose hips, Vanilla leaves, chamomile, spearmint, raspberry, lemongrass, hyssop, herbs

      Locally grown, handpicked Rose Petals (from Vancouver Island) *chemical free

      Attuned to a healing Hz

      Infused with Amethyst & Selenite Gemstone vibrational energy

      Infused with Reiki Master Holy Fire by Reiki and Soul 🔥


      1 - 2 Baths

      Made Under a Waxing Crescent Moon

      *Excellent for manifesting new projects and for practical goal setting.

      Small Batch: November 16th, 2023

      Best Before: March 16th, 2024

    Custom orders accepted.
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